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42705 JT or
42706 JT

Fountain Cheeks

A-42710 JT or
A-42711 JT

Fountain Cheek Assembly

4668 JT

Fountain Blade

46642/5091001 JT

Two Hole Pushers

11143 JT

Sucker Bar

Replaceable Caps

Replaceable Caps for Sucker Bar

A-7066 JT

Bogie Rollers

7648 JT or 7649 JT

Feed Guide


Chrome Roller


Plate Cylinder (Jet Press)

We Specialize in R&R Parts for Jet Presses and F.L. Smithe RA & PHP Machines.

We also stock Lith-O-Roll
and Jomac Rollers.

Jet Technology R&R, llc is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective repair parts for Halm Jet and Super Jet presses and for the F.J. Smithe line of envelope converters.. We commit to envelope printing shops we will provide qualified, experienced service personnel to repair Jet and Super Jet presses in their facilities. We will not be undersold on rebuilt Jet and Super Jet presses from our facility. Our machinists routinely repair damaged cylinders, as well as develop specialized solutions to improve performance of presses and increase productivity.

This web site is neither endorsed or sponsored by nor affiliated in any way with Halm Industries. Jet, Jet Press, Super Jet Press, Jet Press Plus, Super Jet Plus and Halm are all registered trademarks of Halm Industries. Jet Technologies, llc is not associated with, or endorsed or sponsored by, Halm Industries in any wayway.

Rebuilt Jet and Super Jet presses

You can choose to have your own press rebuilt, upgraded, repaired or remanufactured. If you don't have a Jet or Super Jet press, we can supply you with a used press in "as is condition", or repaired, or rebuilt condition. There is a difference in work performed and in cost to you. Ask about our current inventory. We have rebuilt our customer's machines, in some cases for less then 30% of the cost of purchasing a new machine including labor. Actual costs depend on the equipment and the number of parts required.

Factory-level service

I have repaired, rebuilt and remanufactured Jet and Super Jet presses for more than 20 years. For the first eleven years I worked in the service department for Halm. I trained many of their service personnel. I will return your Jet or Super Jet press to factory-level service and performance. Then I can show you how to improve that level with some personal tips and add-on performance parts we provide. On-site service calls are completed quickly and efficiently.

Reverse engineered parts manufactured by us

Jet and Super Jet presses consist of thousands of parts. Hopefully you will never need more than 100 of them, but we can manufacture or already have in stock anything you need. In-house CNC lathes and mills manned by experienced machinists ensure a precision part; typically priced at 75 to 80 per cent of factory replacement. All our parts are manufactured in the United States. We do not import parts like other part suppliers. Whether created in our shop, or sourced from vendors that supply the press manufacturer, our parts meet or exceed OEM specs.

We will make the parts for you

We welcome requests to create parts for Jet presses and other envelope-processing equipment. We require the old part for our production process. Our Master machinists will reverse-engineer the part, and provide you with a newly manufactured part for your equipment.