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Please email or fax us
(708-728-9732) for these items.

42705 JT or
42706 JT

Fountain Cheeks

$22.00 each

A-42710 JT or
A-42711 JT

Fountain Cheek Assembly

$39.95 each

4668 JT

Fountain Blade


46642/5091001 JT

Two Hole Pushers


11143 JT

Sucker Bar


Replaceable Caps

Replaceable Caps for Sucker Bar

Steel $98.00

UHMW $44.00

A-7066 JT

Bogie Rollers


7648 JT or 7649 JT

Feed Guide



Chrome Roller



Plate Cylinder (Jet Press)


We Specialize in Halm Jet
& Super Jet Presses

Jet Technology routinely remanufactures and/or repairs several HalmŪ Jet or Super Jet presses a month. We only employ replacement parts that we manufacture ourselves or that we source from the same vendors as the original manufacturer.

Remanufacturing presses is a special service afforded our best service and repair-parts customers, and not our primary activity. However, our skilled technicians and machinists are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the HalmŪ Jet and Super Jet press components. Our remanufactured presses look and perform like new.

This video was taken just minutes after the remanufactured press was installed by our service technician. The experienced operator was able to achieve maximum press spee

To check our parts inventory, click here. To see our list of in-stock rollers, click here. To request a service visit, see our Contact Us page.

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