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This web site is neither endorsed or sponsored by nor affiliated in any way with Halm Industries. Jet, Jet Press, Super Jet Press, Jet Press Plus, Super Jet Plus and Halm are all registered trademarks of Halm Industries. Jet Technologies, llc is not associated with, or endorsed or sponsored by, Halm Industries in any way.

Jet Technology R&R, llc specializes in the rebuilding and re-sale of Halm Jet and Super Jet presses. We typically maintain an inventory of fully rebuilt, fully warranted Jet and Super Jet presses, in both 2 and 4-color models. All have been stripped, painted and re-assembled with new parts, where required, to OEM specifications. All work has been performed, including parts manufacture, in our facility in Bedford Park, IL, a Chicago suburb.

In addition, we can modify or update these presses to match your specific requirements.

Why go with a rebuilt Jet or Super Jet press instead of a new press? Because our rebuilt presses offer the same advantages and reliability a new press provides at a greatly reduced cost. Our rebuilt presses aren't used presses that have been cleaned and then painted. Each press is completely disassembled and needed components are replaced. Frames are stripped to the bare metal and then repainted.

Our rebuild process requires approximately two weeks of labor in our facility.

Standard wear components such as chains, rollers, bearings and pumps are replaced with brand new components (many of which exceed OEM durability requirements). Electronics are also inspected and upgraded to conform to the latest standards for the equipment. Before certifying that a press is ready to be delivered, it is given a thorough test running actual stock.

In short, our rebuilt Jet and Super Jet presses run like new because they are virtually new in almost every aspect. In most cases, these machines will perform better than they did when they left the OEM because they will incorporate mechanical features and upgrades not available on the date in which the press was originally assembled.

And with a rebuilt Jet or Super Jet Press from Jet Technology, you'll be purchasing our product that is fully backed by our warranty.

Already own a Jet or Super Jet press that has seen better days? We have rebuilt our customer's machines, in some cases for less then 30% of the cost of purchasing a new machine. Actual costs will depend on the condition of your press and the depth of repairs required. We make our own parts, so your replacement part costs will be significantly lower than if others repair your press. Our parts are covered by the best warranty in the business.

We charge a flat labor rate for work completed in our facility. Shop work is completed within an agreed upon time frame for a competitive fee, clearly-defined in a written estimate before work begins.