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As fine as the Jet and Super Jet presses are, like anything mechanical, occasional service is required. Following the prescribed maintenance schedule is the best way to maintain maximum production throughput. Serving as regional service manager for Halm for more than a decade proved this to me many times over.

We provide periodic maintenance visits to check on press operation and performance. A maintenance contract is required for this level of service on a periodic basis. We also offer an evaluative periodic maintenance visit on an as-needed basis, for a slightly higher hourly rate.

All service calls are based on a pre-visit evaluation by telephone. Your experiences and press symptoms are discussed prior to our visit, allowing our technicians to properly prepare for the visit, and to provide you with an estimate based on a specific set of circumstances. Call our office at 630-880-0913 and I'll help you troubleshoot your problem. Frequently, we are able to provide direction on the telephone that can get you back running immediately.

Collectively, our service technicians have more than 60 years of experience repairing and/or rebuilding Jet and Super Jet presses. We strive to return the press to its factory-level performance following each service visit. If instruction of the operator is indicated, we provide that as well to make sure your press investment is performing at peak efficiency.

In fact, we offer custom-tailored training programs at your facility (or ours) to bring your operator's skills to the same superior performance of the Jet and Super Jet press. Our classes are based on the same regimen I used to train the factory service personnel at Halm.

Service Parts

We manufacture all our own parts at Jet Technology (or purchase from the same vendor as the press manufacturer if we can't make it ourselves). Our parts are typically 75-80 per cent of the price of Halm's parts. All parts, as well as our services, are fully warranted against defects in workmanship or materials.

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